After 24 years I made my first 24 hours of being a Maker

Disclaimer TL;DR

This article is a mix of my personal story and the realisation of being a native maker βš™οΈ.
No tech stuff, no useful lessons in there, maybe a little bit of motivation, decide by yourself.

The awakening (nothing philosophical, I woke up at 6 this morning)

Heh that's strange, I've never thought that some day I will open a blog and start typing with this enthusiasm.
I'm very perplexed about this "new Me" but at the same time very excited and willing to Make stuff done, mostly personal stuff and side projects.
I've waked up at 6 this morning, an extraordinary event for me (last time it was to go up to Machu Picchu, maybe the "new me" will write a post about this "life-changing" trip!).
It's strange too because, you know, I'm that tech guy, the one thats sits 10 hours a day in front of fancy code becoming a robot that thinks by ifs and elses at the end of the day.

const home = new Home();
const project = new Project();

function backToHome(home, project) {
    if (home.dishes === "dirty") {
        if (new Date(project.deadline).getTime() < new Date().getTime()) {
                .then((cleanDishes) => home.dishes = cleanDishes)
                .catch((error) => goToSleep());
        } else {

Thypical homeback stuff.. πŸ€“

But who am I?

Physically i'm a caucasian white male at the age of 24.
My name is Marcin.
And in the career-world I'm a self-thought Developer, working mainly on the frontend but also writing some messy code on the backend and mobile apps 🀟🏼.

I'm living in Italy since I was 8, but I was born in Poland, by an Uzbek woman.

Here where Uzbekistan is!

I moved around 10 times in my life, 3 times in Poland and 7 times in Italy.
Pretty annoying, but that gave me flexibility and open-mindedness.

Why programming?


After watching the Steve Ballmer video my life changed.

No just kidding.
It's a gold mine.
They told me.

At 21/22 I've started learning to code, it wasn't difficult to start, ok I was a nerd since 12 and I was able to write some scripts to bots or cheat in video games.
But come on.
Coding isn't difficult, or better, it's not since all the information you need is online, Just Google It!

@levelsio (maker of NomadList) talking about how to code. full video

Maybe I'll write an article about some good sources where to start you programming journey, who knows!


I'm working as a freelancer from the beginning, that means freedom!
Yes freedom to work 12 hours a day and pay so much taxes to have a panic attack seeing a tax office logo 🀯.

But let's don't complain, after all this field gave me big opportunities and satisfactions.

I'm collaborating mainly with early stage startups, working on MVPs and doing the initial software works, but most of times when it gets bigger I drop it, it's not for me. The fun part is getting stuff done in "cheap" and fast way.

I love the challenging life of a developer, every day you need to put yourself in condition to solve problems in the fastest and more performant way.
It's so rewarding πŸ†.

But the code itself is a means not the objective. And majority much projects I'm encountering are weak, they don't have a dream or a vision, they don't use innovative approach and for me they are already failed.
I physically can't thing differently, in this field or you innovate, or you fail. That's it.

The decision to make stuff DONE

Since summer of this year (2018) I felt less motivated to work cause the first part of the years was very tough. I had no time for myself and put all of my effort in some boring contractor projects.
I was down, and when I'm down I act impulsively and if I don't resolve the question at the root I will explode, quit everything and restart.
To mitigate this act I booked a flight to PerΓΉ in September, using the boring-contractor-money, and have been there for 20 days to refresh myself and try to think about the future clearly.

That's me on my natural habitat in Machu Picchu 🦌

But that experience changed me, deeply, I started to think about nomadism, and why not? Travelling makes me feel good, makes me feel alive and more motivated. Why don't transform this from a variable to a constant?

But not only, I revaluate my priorities, and I want to work for things that are important to me and not only for surviving or for making some bucks. I want to stimulate my creativity and challenge myself to make more and more stuff done.

I'm starting to think that the 6 zeros investing are not the only way to make innovation & Startups. Product Hunt and all the Makers community are a proof of that πŸ’ͺ.

After 24 years I made my first 24 hours of being a Maker

I'm no really into that hipster motivational things, but that's how I'm feeling right now.
I feel motivated, less stressed and my brain shoots ideas like an automatic refile.
And that's great!

In my first 24 hours of being a Maker I made:

  • This blog and I'm writing this article πŸ™ƒ.
  • Prototype and core algorithms of Β Spotify Playlist Placer, a tool that match a song with some playlists on Spotify. Soon on Product Hunt πŸš€.
  • Concept and basic Sketch design of β˜•οΈ Coffee for Good an application that helps professionals value their time for small consultancy (ex: 10 minutes of help to a colleague). The currency is a cup of Β β˜•οΈ and the amount in πŸ’΅ will be donated to a selected no-profit company.
  • Concepting a Diary Chatbot, very early stage project that needs some more thinking πŸ€”. Will update soon!

And that's it, nothing too concrete but I'm feeling like I've done more in this 24 hours that in this entire year.

It's 8am, I'm heading to the nearest co-working space to finish some boring work but I can't wait tomorrow, it's Saturday and I have 2 entire days to put my Maker Hood on 😎 and do stuff!
Maybe I'll do another messy and confused article, but come on give me time, after all it's my first try πŸ˜…

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